Local Biodiversity Action Plan 2010 Conference

I attended this on Tuesday and am really impressed with the enthusiasm and hard work that is going on with projects like ours, in Warwickshire.

There were presentations and then guest speakers from St Peter’s Church Wellesbourne Wildlife Project and The Yellow Land in Bishops Itchington, which we did a site visit to, in the afternoon of the day.

There were various displays from other local groups with a lot of ‘before and after’ pictures.

It really gave me a great deal of confidence and motivation for Cawston Greenway. Yes, there is a lot of work to do with scrub clearance, horrible work as we fight to reclaim the greenway. Cutting back trees and turning it from a dark corridor to a light and airy pathway full of interesting flora and fauna.

In my mind’s eye, I can picture a gradually snaking series of woodland rides breaking out into open glades with views across open countryside. Keeping the woodland feel is valuable for a few reasons. Firstly it creates a visual and noise buffer between the greenway and the new relief road and secondly, it makes the greenway quite unique and different from the rest of the route down to Draycote, where it is cut right back and is very open.

September is the month when it all starts to happen. I am so looking forward to cracking on with it!

About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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