We made a stream on Cawston Greenway

Today started with a bit of head scratching and an exploratory dig at each end of an aqueduct that takes a spur of the Lawford Brook under the greenway. Whilst we uncovered each end, we were still unable to get the brook flowing through. The flooding problem still remains so we either need to somehow clear the aqueduct, or accept the fact that the water is now a feature of the greenway and use it to our advantage.

Firstly we started to clear the higher ground that runs alongside the water and as this gets trodden down it will become established as a new path.

Andy then had the brilliant idea of trying to funnel the standing water into a narrow stream. There is a slight current and sure enough, when we narrowed the path of the water, the current increased and we made a good flowing stream.

Our new stream flowing quite nicely.

This will be good for walkers because they will have dry ground to walk on and, it makes a fantastic feature for the greenway because it allows insects and other wildlife that need water to thrive and colonise. There are still areas of standing water that refused to drain into the new stream but these are host to boggy plant life so I guess they are OK to stay.

Same point looking north.

All in all a good workday with ten or so of us turning out. I think we made the best of what we had today and it will be interesting to see how this area of the greenway develops. There is a lot of tree cutting that needs to happen on the south facing bank that runs from The Bear pub all the way to the new underpass at the top of the Cawston Grange Drive. This is going to be tough and hard work but the rewards will be well worth it. However, we need to concentrate on the bits that we are currently working on before pushing on with this section.

There is a fantastic circular walk that Gary, one of our volunteers, has mapped out. It goes into Long Lawford and then through quite a few of the local villages, before returning along the Cawston Bridleway with the option of dropping down into the picnic clearing and coming back along the greenway, or reversing the walk by starting on the greenway. Either way it is well worth checking it out at:


Well that’s about it for now. Next workday is Wednesday 30th November and back to the path clearing where we left off last time. We are almost onto embankment so this will get a lot easier. I will put some more workday dates in the workday bit on the new tab on the brown bar later today.

Thanks to all who made it today, we are making good progress.

Until next time!


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  1. tothehills says:

    Thanks for the link Paul. Gary

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