Working Towards Draycote

Just me and Margaret on Sunday, but we got a bit done and also had a good look around on the section between Potford’s Dam and Dunchurch Station. This section is dry and just needs the scrub pushing back in places.

ImageThis shot shows scrub that needs to be cut back. It is just a bit too close for comfort.

ImageThis shot shows areas that are naturally clear already. It’s not a big job on this section but there are some big jobs further on. 

ImageIn this shot you can just see the glint of Cawston Reservoir. It is going to be a big ask to get a zig-zag path down the steep bank to allow access and then further on is Cawston Bluebell Wood. 

As I mentioned in the last blog, I have found drainage on the section from Dunchurch Station to Draycote. There is also a stream, so getting the water off the path should be manageable, in theory.

ImagePriority now though is to cut back the bit to the old station. Just ease back the scrub so people can get through without getting snagged on brambles.

Next workday is Saturday 18th May at 11:30 meeting at Potford’s Dam and pushing on. Next workday after this one is Sunday 26th May at 1pm and I reckon we could have it done by then.

Finally as a little teaser, this is a pic of Cawston Reservoir close up. It will be well worth creating an access down to it.




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