Almost There

We has a lovely turn-out today with seven or so of us all arriving on our bikes. It just feels great to cycle down to a workday with minimal kit. Real bare-bones stuff. We got down to the what is probably the goods yard of the old Dunchurch railway station. Another 100 yards or so and we will be there.


Everyone working hard to cut back the nettles and scrub. Once we get to the station the terrain changes and we are confronted with a lot of standing water. However, we really need to pull back and maintain the path in the Cawston bit of the greenway on the next workday. 


You can see from the picture, what a lovely path to Draycote this is. I urge you to come along and get involved. It’s fun, it’s exercise and it’s community – the very thing that keeps us all rubbing along and making friends along the way. And once we recognise that we are a community, we will start to see skill-sets and attributes in each other that we can draw on and utilise. 

The next workday is Thursday 30th May at 10am thrashing the nettles on the Cawston bit of the greenway. Meet at the picnic clearing and work down towards Potford’s Dam.

Thanks to all who made it today. I do believe I have a bit of a tan so a good day all round 🙂


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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