Fixing the Waterworks

Aaron, John, Mick and myself this morning and we tackled the last bit of work on the drainage.

The problem that we have is that the drain covers that would have been either side of the track, are now higher than the ground. This means rain water cannot escape. This problem is confounded by the stream that passes under the track, that the drains lead to, is blocked. This means that the stream is dumping its water onto the greenway, rather than flowing under it and along on its merry way.

We have dug a gully and tried to direct the water across the greenway and have lifted the drain cover to allow the water to drain off. We have also created an area that will act as a flood plain. Hopefully this will hold the excess water when we have heavy rainfall.


This area was totally flooded before we started.



We have built a hedge around the wet bits. This is to stop people walking into it. We made a dry path to one side. This area will be great for wildlife. There is ivy that will grow across the hedge and I intertwined a few living trees into it.


Our first visitor!

Great work today. Also great work from Sam and crew on the clearing that they are working on.

Next week we are back in the Picnic Clearing ripping out everything ready for spring. 9:15 am start.


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