Time for a quick catch-up…

Time for a quick catch-up… There is so much going on, on the greenway, so I thought it might be useful to roll back a bit and remind everyone of what we are doing.

But first, our workday.

Today’s workday was building benches. We have six benches to build on the Cawston bit and try and create a different surround for each bench. This will hopefully encourage different wildlife at each location. We will do the same beyond Potford Dam as soon as our extended licence comes through.

The bench at the underpass has already been tagged. Youth: I don’t care if you tag it. You are brightening up the underpass with your spray painting. All I ask is that you don’t break or move the bench. It is there for all of us to use. Great paintings in the underpass. I love it.

Marcus, Paul, Mick and myself made it today, a good turn-out seeing as there was a lot of things going on in Cawston and Rugby.

So what are we trying to do…

We started off with two miles of abandoned railway line eight years ago. We cleared it and widened the path over time. The wider the path got, the drier it got. The drier it got, the more people started using the path. Last year we pushed down to make our patch three and a half miles, to connect with National Cycle Network 41. This means people can get to Leamington Spa, or divert off and either go around Draycote Water or go half way round and pick up the path that routes out of Draycote and after going along the Ashlawn Road cycle-path, drop down onto the Ashlawn Cutting, another disused railway line, and route back to Rugby Railway Station, where all the paths lead to.

We are at the point where we can call ourselves a Nature Reserve. We have created a fantastic habitat for all sorts of wildflowers, bees, butterflies, birds and mammals. The picnic benches will be there to help people to sit down, have a picnic with their kids, and just enjoy the nature around them. Please use this blog to help recognise wildflowers and butterflies and kinda just get into what this is all about.

To open up the path from Cawston to Draycote has been a long-term goal of mine for all of the eight years of doing this. It is a path that goes somewhere and hopefully, we can get a zig-zag ramp at Potford Dam to take the cycle path along the Western Relief Road up to the railway line so that it also goes somewhere.

So that is about where we are at.

Next Sunday we are back next to the golf club with mattocks. We plan to drain the path so we will be gouging channels to the west and let the water run off.

Great day today.




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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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1 Response to Time for a quick catch-up…

  1. captainfuzzyface says:

    Congrats. I still have reservations about how long those benches will remain usable, but I very much hope to be proved wrong. Will try and use the Greenway sometime too.

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