What a Difference Power-Tools Make

What a Difference Power-Tools Make….

Let me explain:

These two bad-boys made ripping out the scrub so easy. Well, easy for everything except my back!!

We had a brilliant turn-out with Marcus, Reece, John, Aaron, Amy, Mick and myself all pitching in.

Just look at what we created.

The challenge in the summer will be keeping the width and letting the flora and fauna happen in the margins.

We had so many people passing us today. Joggers, walkers, cyclists, couples, friends, all sorts of users. It is so nice to see that we are creating something that has such a broad appeal.

We have a couple of funding applications in at the moment to get our bird feeding station made. To recap, it is a round bench able to seat eight people with four poles around it at about 5 meters away to hang the feeders from. Each pole will have a different food and we can start to record and photograph what we see.

There is also the mental health aspect to consider. We are creating a vehicle for people to come along and make friends with like-minded people. It might be photography or identifying wildflowers, or just being a champion of our bird-feeder area and keeping the feeders topped up and recording what we see. Or even just smashing the path through. There really is something for everyone. We are a really friendly group and there is no pressure or heaviness about us, so if anyone is reading this and feeling a bit isolated, come and give us a try. If it wasn’t great we wouldn’t still be doing it eight years down the line.

Anyway, off the soap-box and just thanks to everyone today. Next week we are smashing through from the bridge down to the bird-box clearing.

What a great day.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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