Workday 20th June 2010


Next workday is Sunday 20th June 1pm to 3pm.

Really just a bit of litter picking and general maintenance for now. However, come September and the real work starts.

In my mind’s eye (with inspiration and pics from BTCV)….

We need to cut back the trees and scrub to make a three metre wide path. Ideally this needs to be curving from left to right in gentle arcs to stop any wind-tunnel effect that we might get if we have a straight run, and allows us to incorporate any wet or boggy areas which are so important for wildlife. It also makes it a more interesting walk and we can keep a dense sandwich of trees between the greenway and the new road.

The natural clearings or glades need to be cleared right back and planted with wild flower seed and encourage the existing berry producing shrubs to thrive on the edges. Hopefully the rabbit population will keep the grass in check, making any mowing unnecessary. It would be great to see deer on the greenway too. A couple have been spotted in the past, so they have come from somewhere.

The paths between these glades need to be cleared of scrub and be managed as woodland rides. Whilst the railway-line is not a wood, it would be such a shame to lose the feel that it is, and if all the trees are cut away, then the view becomes the whole run of the Western Relief Road!! 

Now that I have a bit of a plan in my head I really cannot wait to turn the greenway into a lovely nature walk. It really is going to be a fantastic achievement for all of us, and great for Cawston.

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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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2 Responses to Workday 20th June 2010

  1. tothehills says:

    Just an idea, could you add a “links” page on the blog or the main web-site (or both) …. I recently found a RSPB bird identifier site and maybe something like that for birds, wild-flowers, butterflys, etc would be a useful set of links for the likes of me who would like a bit more knowledge other than “that was pretty bird/plant/insect” … Cheers, Gary.
    BTW … I’ve added your main web page to my “my links” on my walks diary blog – Hope it gives you a bit of traffic.

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