Next workday Sunday 12th September – 12 noon to 3 pm

It’s gonna be a big one!!

We need to rip the canopy out. No more gentle pruning and cutting back. it’s gonna be brutal!

Me and someone else will lead and go down the path felling the trees and pulling them length-ways along the path.

They are low value Ash so don’t worry about loss of habitat. Any nice specimen trees will be left and the path directed around them.

Everyone else can work on the felled trees. They need to be cut into manageable lengths and stacked off the path in neat and tidy piles.

We need to be careful with falling trees, hence only two people doing the felling and getting a good distance ahead of the group.

I spent about three hours on the section between The Bear and Cawston roundabout this morning and did about twenty five trees, felled, chopped and stacked. It’s hard work but the wood is quite soft so it is not too difficult to saw through, or cut the thinner branches with loppers.

In the small area that I did, about 20 metres along the path maybe, the difference was rewarding. Sunlight streamed through the opening and the dark dreary undergrowth was suddenly bright and airy.

We have six bow saws, three pairs of loppers and 5 pruners in our tool-box. If you can bring your own tools, all the better. Gloves are a must and wear old clothes, it’s a dirty job!!

Meet at The Bear car park and push southbound into Cawston.

Look forwards to seeing everyone on the day at 12 o’clock.

About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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2 Responses to Next workday Sunday 12th September – 12 noon to 3 pm

  1. Chris Surey says:


    I was very disgruntled that ‘someone’ had dupmed a load of rubbish by the bridge next to The Bear back in August (I live on Berrybanks). I complained bitterly to some of my friends and decided that I must take action. I was going to ring the Council. But someone mentioned Cawston Greenway, which I had never heard of.
    You will of course know what I’m talking about and now that I have discovered that you exist and have looked at your site – all is revealed.
    What a fantastic job you guys are doing!
    I am part of a group of people from BEC Church on Mainstreet Bilton who are looking to be part of the Cawston Community and get involved in community activities. we are currently calling ourselves BEC Cawston.
    I don’t have too much spare time but your Cawston Greeway project is something that I personally would love to help with when I can. It would be great to meet new people who care about Cawston and its surroundings.
    Unfortunately I am on holiday on 12th September but will keep my eye on the website for the next opportunity.
    I’ve suigned up for site updates.

    Best regards
    Chris Surey

    • Paul says:

      Hi Chris,

      You should have seen what we pulled off the line earlier in the year! Shocking!

      You are very welcome to come and help, it’s going to be really exciting and rewarding to see the transformation. The more we can get done this winter, the better chance the greenway will have of blossoming into what we want over the summer.

      Look forward to seeing you soon.


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