Next Workday Monday 15th November

I am working on the Sunday so Monday makes an interesting change. 11am start at the picnic clearing by the Victorian bridge, where we have been working on the last few workdays.

I felled a few more trees on Monday and pulled them under the bridge to dry them out. I would like to burn off the brash, and the pile of brash left from last Sunday (I burned a bit of it off on Monday but the rain finally put my small bonfire out).

A very wet and cold picture of the picnic clearing!

I would also like to build a log pile with the tree trunks. This needs to be in dappled shade to maintain humidity so it becomes a valuable source of habitat for mosses, lichens and fungi, but not too cold for the many insects that it will also attract.

I walked along a lot of the path yesterday and it really is a quagmire in places with my feet sinking ankle-deep into the mud. This led me to think about the way that we widen it, and the curving path dilemma. I wonder if we should cut a new path on the slightly higher ground that is next to the existing narrow path and use the existing path as a sort of drainage ditch. We can follow the natural curves of the existing path and switch from side to side as these natural curves also switch. There are plenty of dry patches to facilitate the cross-over points. If anybody has a better idea, or can expand on this idea, please share it!!

The curved nature of the path that we need to try and keep

Other news:

I am trying to get some bird nesting-boxes for the picnic clearing. Hopefully have some news soon. 

The work that we did in Cawston Wood will be in The Observer this week. Remember that I am trying to get the unofficial footpath that runs off the greenway and into the woods made into a proper Right of Way. If this happens we can make a ramp to get down the embankment. You can find the blog at It will be a lovely circular walk in the summer.

I have the Licence Agreement from Railway Paths Ltd (Sustrans) and the agreement will be officially set up within the next couple of weeks. This will then allow us to apply for funding from charity groups who support the sort of project that we are working on. The really big one is getting the path made proper with a loose gravel type of surface. This opens up the greenway to people who maybe are not quite as agile as they would like to be, so a very welcomed step forwards. It would also be good to get some benches similar to the ones on the footpath that runs around Cawston, put into some of the clearings. It would be great if the greenway becomes a place for people to visit and enjoy, rather that somewhere that they just walk or cycle through.

That’s it for now. Bit of a ramble but hey-ho. Look forward to seeing who can make it on the Monday.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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