Another Fantastic Day…

…it really was. We had great weather, a roaring bonfire and just about finished the main clearing. We cleared so much scrub and it really was noticeable. The only thing missing was some jacket potatoes and sausages on that bonfire!!

Eight or so of us turned out and cracked on with things. Good to see two new faces and it’s nice that a few people who were dog-walking on the greenway knew about our group and were very complimentary about what we were doing and how it was looking. It’s also good to see that our week-day workdays are proving to be really successful.

There are just a few trees left to take down on the north side of the bridge and a small amount of stump removal, and we formulated a plan for the south side.

It’s hard to imagine that this area was dense canopy a few weeks ago.

This is the view on the south side looking north. We are going to clear the area on the south side for about fifteen feet and there is a superb oak tree that we can keep. After this is gets quite dense with trees and scrub. We can widen the path and create a few more clearings down to Potford’s Dam. There are some lovely specimen trees and shrubs that we can cut around. With regards to a bench, I am still trying to get one but it does pose the risk of it being stolen or burned. I am wondering if somehow we could make a bench out of some of the wood that we cut down? The big logs that I moved make a decent seat!

Great meeting with the Youth Offending team this afternoon. My car is full of bird boxes, bat boxes and insect houses. I am setting up a partnership with them where youths who are ordered to do Community Service can do scrub clearance on the greenway. This will be a great help and hopefully get us some publicity too.

That’s it for now. Next workday is this Sunday. Come along for a bit, or all (I know that everybody is starting to get busy with Christmas). Mainly working on that south side and maybe put up a few nesting-boxes. Warwickshire Wildlife Trust are coming along to help and give us a bit of welcomed guidance.

See you on Sunday!

About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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2 Responses to Another Fantastic Day…

  1. Sue says:

    Fantastic work well done everyone. Could we have a map showing the picnic area or directions so people know where to meet on Sunday? Thanks.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Sue,

    The place that we are meeting is where the Cawston Bridleway crosses the greenway. This is about two minutes walk down (southbound) towards Potford’s Dam from the meeting place that we always used to meet at, and is on the website on the meeting point tab.

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