We started path widening

About ten of us turned out and got on with the path widening. A really good stretch done and it made a huge difference. This will pay dividends in the summer when the uncut side starts to push in on the existing path, forcing people to walk on the newly cut bit and this will keep growth trodden down.

This is the old path that we are cutting wider so walkers and cyclists can have a clear passage in summer.

Mike’s words of wisdom came back to haunt us today. Remember that sage advice, “stack the brash right away from the path..” Well today we started to untangle a big pile of it and burn it. It really is a horrible job and if we had stacked it much further away from the path, they we could have just left it. All part of the learning curve that we are on!

A couple of other learning bits today. Keep the newly cut brash in managable piles so that it makes it easy to pick them up and carry them to the bonfire. Stack the logs on the bonfire all the same way. This makes the wood dry out quicker and gets the fire burning really quickly.

Great effort today so thanks to all. Got some news regarding a couple of picnic benches in the pipe-line. Watch this space!

On our last workday before Christmas (Thursday 16th December) Warwickshire Wildlife Trust are having a workday on Ashlawn Cutting, with another one on Sunday 19th too. I would like to push our workday start time back a bit (12:30) and spend a couple of hours at Ashlawn with the Trust so I can learn some things that we can use on Cawston Greenway. Meet at 10am at the Ashlawn Road carpark in front of the football club.

I am going down to the greenway for an hour or so to burn off a bit more of the brash tomorrow. Look forward to seeing anyone else who fancies it.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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