Mini midweek workday

A mini workday where we got an epic amount of work done!

We are still working on the coppice at Potford’s Dam. I keep scheduling what we will be doing and we keep falling way behind. This is my fault and happens for two reasons. Firstly, it’s easy to sit at home and think, “do this that and the other” in a kind of bish-bash-bosh way. And secondly, I am very impatient and want it all done now, plus I feel like we are against a tight deadline  that is when the bird nesting season starts at the end of March.

As time and experience kick in, I should get better at the first point. The second however, is just part of who I am.

We cleared the area on the west embankment around two majestic Oak trees. Pushed a lot of the brash down to the bottom of the slope and raked off the leaf litter.

I had a good poke around the brook and found where it goes under the greenway and runs on the east side of the embankment. It looks like there might be a small reedbed on the boggy ground at the bottom of the east side. I will get down to it for a closer look later this week.

Next workday is this Sunday, as per the blog a few days ago. Still at Potford’s Dam I’m afraid to say, however, if we want to split into two groups and one group pushes down from the picnic clearing towards Potford’s Dam, making sheltered clearings under large trees and opening up the natural glades, and the rest push on up until we meet somewhere in the middle, I am happy to do this.

My protective facemask and ear protectors arrived today so I can start to brush-cut the paths between the clearings.

Thanks to all that turned out today. Good work!


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