Cawston Greenway workday..

So much to talk about but really want to keep the blogs short and to the point…

Firstly, someone had stolen one of our picnic benches. Why or how is beyond me. They weigh a ton and are totally utilitarian. They look great on the greenway but elsewhere, like someone’s garden, and they will look a mess. If anyone has any info as to where our picnic bench is, please let me know.


I had a meeting with Mike from Butterfly Conservation this morning and we walked a bit of the greenway and the area on the other side of the relief road towards Potford’s Dam. The potential for a superb and diverse wildlife haven is massive. We have on our doorstep a lovely field that has ponds, reeds, grasses and wildflowers. This has been given to us as compensation for the relief road. If we open up the greenway properly we will get a lot of wildlife from over the road coming in.

Further details for this Ecological Compensation Area can be found at$FILE/ww5%20RWRR%20Mound%20-%20Lawford%20Brook.lw.%5B759KB%5D.pdf

So, onto the workday. About nine or so of us turned out and we had a really good time chopping trees down and burning them on a big bonfire. We really need to get the greenway cut back so that the path is wide and the growth is low on the inside edges building to the tall trees on the outside edges.

Pushing back the picnic clearing.

It seems like we have gone full circle with our plans but to get maximum wildlife impact, we need to clear out all the poor value trees that have got dead space underneath. I will put it to our committee, but I really think that it would be worth getting a chainsaw and some training so that we can really blast through the trees and get serious about creating a decent and wide path.

I have loads of Kidney Vetch seeds to put in down at the Potford’s Dam end and a load of Wild Strawberry to put in at the other end. Hopefully we can attract some butterflies that are endangered, these being Small Blue and Grizzled Skipper. It would be lovely if we could create habitats for these butterflies and attract them to our greenway.

Next workday is Thursday 15th September 1pm to 3pm at the picnic clearing. Ed is going to chainsaw a load of the trees down beforehand so we will need to cut them up and either dead-hedge along the outer edge, or burn them off.

Next one after this is Sunday 25th September.  12 noon to 2pm at the clearing further down from the picnic clearing. Cutting back the trees right up to the edge of the greenway and dead-hedge and burn off the brash.

Thanks for everyone who made it today.

Looking forwards to the next one!


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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2 Responses to Cawston Greenway workday..

  1. Brian & Amanda says:

    Hi Paul.

    WE are all in favour of improving the existing wildlife habitat, but we are getting a bit concerned about the number of trees being felled. The trees are supposed to provide a sound barrier between the relief road and the houses on the estate. We have already noticed an increased amount of noise and the thought of you hiring chainsaws to rip through the remaining trees is disturbing.

    Best Regards

    Brian & Amanda

    • Paul says:

      Hi Brian and Amanda,

      And this is the rub… Trying to create something that is acceptable to all involved is no easy thing. Houses that are close to the greenway will not see any mature trees cut back. In fact, we do not have the ability or desire to clear any mature trees along the whole length of the greenway. We just need to create a wide enough path so that we can accommodate all users.

      We have only created two clearings and these are adjacent to farmland. These being at the point where the Cawston Bridleway passes over the greenway, and further down the line towards Potford’s Dam.

      It has never been an intention of “hiring chainsaws to rip through the remaining trees” and I am sorry if you have got that impression from the blogs. However it would be nice to have a chainsaw to make it easier to clear the path so that it is wide enough encourage wildlife and also stop the funnelling effect onto the narrow strip that the current path does tend to do.


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