Brush Cutting on Cawston Greenway

Good but hard day on the greenway today, brush cutting all the growth from the stumps and bramble that has completely covered areas that we cleared last season. We need to think hard about what we are going to do to stop this regrowth because we are now spending time cutting back stuff that we should of not allowed to grow back quite so vigorously.

Me with my baby....

The good news is that quite a few wildflowers came up in the second clearing as well as stump regrowth, brambles and nettles. We have to remember that this area was totally dead last year due to the dense tree cover. I guess that we can encourage certain things to happen in the clearings, or we can let nature take its course and see what the outcome is.  However, whichever way we decide to go, the scrub needs to be managed and the trees need to be coppiced.

We had a good day for it.

The next workday is pushing back the path between the two clearings. I think we need a clear three metre wide path and then leave shrubbery leading to the mature trees on the edges, for the path that is in the cutting. The path is already a metre of more wide so it is not as daunting as it sounds, and any specimen trees will make a good wind-break.

For the path on the embankment, we have a lot of mature trees on the banks and we can push the path back along the top of the embankment and still retain a lot of tree cover to the sides that is way taller than the level of the embankment. The trees that we will be taking out will be young poor value whips, and young trees that are growing in way too dense proximity to be healthy for them.

It’s coming together and this season will see great strides forward.

Until the next one!


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