Another 65 meters done on Cawston Greenway

We pushed on and got another 65 meters down the path. It was a really hard slog with some horribly thick bramble and prickly Blackthorn trees, but we cracked on and made our target. The good news is that we now have just 140 meters to get to the end, and even better, just 60 meters of dense scrub before the path breaks out into the Ash coppice at the end, which just needs a quick tidy. Beyond the coppice is about 25 meters of open grassland that is fine for now.

Preview Changes

This is the Ash coppice at the end of the greenway.

Once we get to the end we need to work our way back and just rake the ground. This will tidy all the leaves and bits of twigs that we have left, and also disturb the seeds in the ground which will help them to germinate in the spring. We also need to cut some scallops into the edges to create sheltered spots for insects and butterflies to thrive. If these scallops are cut so that the south facing edge gets maximum sunshine we will have fantastic micro-habitats all along the path.

65 meters of new path (looking north). We need to cut scallops into the left hand edge.

Hopefully we will see a lot of nectar-rich flowers growing on the newly bare earth and this will attract insects, which will in turn attract birds and mammals.

Looking south where we started. This was narrow path before we cut it back.

Once we get this section done we can ease the scrub back on the path between the entrance and the underpass. We need to be really careful with this bit because it is close to houses, so no tree chopping, just lopping the branches on the edges of the path.

Good turn out today with eight of us making it. The next workday is Saturday 21st January and I guess it will be another tough one, but it will get a lot easier after this next 60 meters is done.

Thanks to everyone for today.

Until the next one!


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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2 Responses to Another 65 meters done on Cawston Greenway

  1. Matt E. says:

    Less fruitful at the waterhole down towards the bear this afternoon. It appears that the pipe I found last week is not the pipe that carries the brook under the greenway (just the same size running in the same direction). I did rod the culvert from both ends and there seems to be a blockage in one spot near to a tree on the estate side of the path. Blockages near trees are usually root invasion into the pipe and are a nightmare to clear! More rodding next week, if I can break through the big puddle should dry up.

  2. Paul says:

    Ahhh, good work Matt, see you on Tuesday 🙂

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