Arrrgh!!!! So much to share…

We cleared the brash left from yesterday and sorry to all the residents on the Coventry Road. We did have a really smoking fire and the high wind took it straight over the fields to your houses and the road. I was expecting another visit from the Fire Brigade, but thankfully it did not happen. We are finished at this bit for now so don’t worry about a repeat performance.

I have never seen the fire so hot - the wind really stoked it up!

At some point we need to make some steps down to the road. We have a really steep bank and it will be a challenge. I think we might have a go at this in the summer.

How to turn this into steps..... hmmm....

But anyway, this is the really exciting bit. I planted a load of Kidney Vetch seeds in the autumn and they seem to be coming up. Kidney Vetch is the sole food plant for the Small Blue butterfly caterpillar. If we can get the grassy area at the end of the greenway rich in this plant, we can then hopefully attract a Small Blue colony. Small Blue is an endangered species and a lot of work is being done further down the line to create habitat to allow them to thrive. I am so excited to be doing something to support this.

I really hope that this is Kidney Vetch seedlings.

We need to push back the bramble but keep the hight, so that the grass can spread  but be sheltered from the wind. If we can get this whole area rich in Kidney Vetch then it will be fantastic.

If we push the bramble back to maximise the grass, but keep it on the edges to create a wind barrier, hopefully this area will be suitable for the Small Blue butterfly.

At the other end of the greenway I am hoping to create a similar habitat for the Grizzled Skipper butterfly, which is another endangered species.

Next workday is starting at the underpass and working south. Aaron has done a lot of good work on this section already and basically we just need to ease the path out without taking down trees. There are a lot of badger setts so we need to be careful and we are quite close to houses, so if we just gently ease the path wider and then move on to the section north of the underpass, which is chopping trees on the south facing bank.

Thanks to the five of us who made it today. We really got a lot done and it is nice that we can walk away from the Potford’s Dam end knowing that it is looking good. I did a bit of tidying as I walked back today so we really can push on northbound.

Until next time!



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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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3 Responses to Smokin’…

  1. tothehills says:

    Hi Paul, Managed to take a walk down the greenway yesterday from the underpass to beyond the bridge at Potford’s Dam then down to the pond/reservoir at Cawston Spinney and then around and back to the estate – All the Brilliant work done on the railway meant I could walk and stay out of virtually all of the mud and puddles all the way down the trackbed.

    Just a suggestion, but would your proposed steps down the embankment at the Potford’s Dam bridge be better on the other side from where your pic shows ? (I mean on the Relief Road Side of the bank) …. I noticed yesterday that there’s a metal railing there already. Also, it wouldn’t be a blind spot for motorists as you reach the bottom and it always floods on the Cawston side of the bridge where your pic indicates …. Isn’t this also roughly where Sustrans have suggested their cycle access slope will be positioned ?

    My flickr pic’s show what I mean about the flooding/blind spot better than my words :- … and …

    Cheers, Gary

  2. Paul says:

    Yes, I will check it out this morning and see if there is a better option.

  3. Paul says:

    There are no steps put in when the bridge was built. I went down the slope and didn’t like the fact that I was on the road. I felt very exposed. Need to find another way..

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