Tough day of scrub clearance on Cawston Greenway

Six of us turned out this morning and had a good old crack at the section from the new underpass towards The Bear pub. It was pretty hard going but we made a significant start. Matt also did a bit of work where the brook is flooding the greenway, so hopefully we will get this sorted sooner or later.

There are three significant things to consider on this stretch.

Firstly the path kinks to the right which mean we have one side of the cutting facing a south-easterly direction. This means it will be in full sunshine for most of the day. I think we need to clear this about a third of the way up for now.

Secondly when the new underpass was put in the earth was cleared and disturbed by the contractors. Due to this some lovely wild flowers came up in the summer. The seeds are already in the soil but just needs sunlight to germinate. If we can get these wild flowers to spread along the cleared bank it will be fantastic for wildlife.

Lastly there is a ridge of ballast on the right-hand side of the muddy path. I think it would be good to clear the trees on this and make this the new path. The trees are really poor value and the roots have not really been able to take in the stony soil. If we remove them it will give us dry ground to walk on and drop back the shade that they will cast on the opposite bank.

The south-east facing bank that we started clearing.

I think it is going to be a tough old haul to get down to The Bear,  but once we are there, the scrub all but disappears and it will just be a case of tree clearing on the path and the lower part of the bank.

Path looking north east showing the ridge of ballast.

It will be nice to get a bit of sunshine so that we can see where the sun is actually hitting the ground, but I guess that will happen soon enough.

Next workday is a real variation on the theme. We are planting trees in the field off Kalfs Drive in Cawston. We have 420 saplings to plant in six areas. We marked out the areas today and all are south facing, so the habitat will be hugely rich in wildlife as it matures. We planted a sapling today and it took about 30 seconds, but many hands make light work so the more people who help the better. Meeting at 12 o’clock on Sunday 5th Feb. Bring a spade and gloves and something to eat and drink. Preferable to walk but if you do drive to the event, please park considerately in Kalfs Drive. Maybe if we feel up for it then go for a beer at The Bear afterwards? We are planting the trees as part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and it is a community event.

Looking forwards to next week, thanks for all who made it today!


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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