Glimpse of what we need to do in September..

We spent a bit of time cutting back brambles that are encroaching onto the path again today, but also had a really good look at what is growing on the cleared banks when we are in cutting, and also what was growing on the embankment sections.

The wild flowers are really fighting for space and the insect life is literally buzzing.

Bird-box clearing looking north.

Bird-box clearing looking south.

I think that it would be a good idea to simply clear all the scrub in all the areas that are in cutting. We can leave the quality trees on the edges and a few of the mature standard trees, but everything else is simply poor value and is stopping wild flowers growing, like they are in the pictures above where we have cleared to the edges.

The section between the bird-box clearing and the picnic clearing.

The biggest sections that are in cutting are the one in the picture above, and the one that runs from the new underpass, all the way down to The Bear pub. Where the greenway turns to embankment there are a huge number of mature trees so there will be no great loss of tree life on the edges and on the sides of the embankment.

In terms of the path, I think we need to keep a 2.5 metre wide strip that we keep short somehow, maybe get some swishers like what Aaron has? This will hopefully encourage people to not walk on the narrow muddy part of the path and give it change to recover somewhat.

Encouraging day today and things are going the right way for us.



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3 Responses to Glimpse of what we need to do in September..

  1. Bill says:

    It is looking good and well done for your magnificent efforts, but I fear for the effort you’ll need to keep it like this.

    I particularly worry about your “nettle root” pulling – this is a never ending task and you won’t succeed. Unpalateable as it may seem it really is worth you weedkilling them properly once to kill off the roots. The next year will see masses more flowers. If you don’t do this the nettles will simply overrun the other plants withing a year or so. Even organic farmers are now allowed one application of glyphosphate to kill the weeks at the beginning!

    I’d suggest if you have any money that you spend some of it on a commercial tree feller if you’re going to take masses of trees out North of the Bear. Felling large trees is not safe for amateurs.

  2. Andy says:

    Would be happy to walk down with a line strimmer the length of the railway as far as the “home rule for Crick bridge”, taking one side of the path if your brushcutter man takes the other – to widen the path of the new growth. The cuttings should be placed on the muddy bit – cutting in the right direction makes this happen anyway. This will force people to walk on the cut area. Would need someone to give me a lift at the “Crick Bridge” end and a fuel stop at a couple of points. Anyway if it helps at all (weekend only)…

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Bill, We don’t have a license to spray the nettles unfortunately. We have discussed this as a group but it has kind of gone nowhere.

    Andy, I am the brushcutter man and what you suggest sounds like a plan. I suggest we wait until after the Warwickshire Flora Society have done their audit on July 29th, and then widen the path in August??

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