Felt like Bear Grylls today

Just me and young Paul today but we got a bit of the link between the picnic clearing and the bird-box clearing tidied. Boy-oh-boy was it cold out there and I worked hard to get a warming fire going.



But we did get a fire going and we managed to burn off a fair bit of brash. Still loads to do in this area and we have run out of time. The bird nesting season starts pretty much next week so we can no longer be clearing. However, I have planned a workday for this Sunday just to finish off this bit. If we can just burn off the piles of brash then at least we will have moved forwards.


Moving out to the wider picture, we really need to cut the path back as far back as possible. The next picture is of the ballast ridge v. the muddy path. I am sure you will agree that the ballast ridge is a better place to walk. If we can clear this off totally then we can see what happens with the mud. We will either get pond-life or drying out and grass growing.



I had a meeting today with the Probation Service and we will have some help via Community Payback to keep the path cut right back in the summer and clearing areas in the winter. This is most welcome muscle and will help enormously. 

Next workday is Sunday 31st March. 3pm just to try and finish off the area between the two clearings. 

Hope to see you there.



About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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