Visit from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

I was joined today by Karl from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. He came along to see what we are all about and offer very welcome advice and support. The good news is that he felt that we were on the right track and agreed with what we had done, and the need to clear the banks in the cuttings. He was keen to point out that we need to make the cleared areas manageable and to have areas of  controlled scrub to give wildlife protection and habitat. Also he was keen that we didn’t chop down mature trees because of the nectar produced in the blossom for butterflies and other pollinating insects.

In terms of the workday, it was very toasty and warm after I had used my Bear Grylls bonfire making tactics. We managed to clear off the rest of the brash in the cutting and leave it tidy. The banks in this area will be full of wild flowers in the summer, if we keep down the nettles.


In terms of jobs to do. We need to buy a drill and drill holes into the tops of the stumps and kill the roots with a weed killer. We also need to remove all the new growth that has sprouted up on the stumps from last year. We need to do a litter pick, and we need to be ready to pull up the nettles when they start coming up. In September Karl has kindly offered to chainsaw a lot of trees and we will follow behind him to cut up and burn.

Next workday is Sunday 14th April at 11am. Back to the picnic clearing to tidy the banks and work on the stumps. I will also bring the litter picker so that we can tidy up.

See you then!



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