The bench is back!!

You will remember from the last blog that I found the bench that we thought had been stolen. It was at the bottom of a very steep bank. Myself and Aaron somehow managed to drag it up onto the path. The sheer weight of the thing is incredible!


A couple of downpours will soon have it cleaned up. Let’s hope it stays where we have left it this time.

The rest of the workday was pulling up nettles in the picnic clearing. It was a lovely day with lots of butterflies, bees and birds. I saw a large number of Orange-Tips, Peacocks, Brimstones and Whites. All the action is in the clearings so it shows that we are on the right track.


A lovely Hawthorn in flower contrasted nicely against the blue sky. There are a lot of wild flowers coming up and the whole path is greening up nicely.

I popped down to the boggy bit that goes under the A45 and was pleased to see that someone is doing a lot of work trying to raise the path to keep it dry.


The first picture is looking down the path towards Draycote, and the second picture is looking up the path back to Cawston.


The hardcore that has been used is pretty rough so I hope that a top layer goes on top. I will do some digging around to try and find out what the plan is. The path down to this bit is pretty overgrown and needs to be cut back so this will be our next workday. My long-term goal is to get the path open all the way down to Draycote and this has given me a whole load of encouragement.

The next workday is starting at the bridge at Potford’s Dam and working down towards Dunchurch cutting back the encroaching scrub. I know that this is not officially Cawston Greenway but I just think it would be a useful exercise to tidy this bit.

The date of the workday is Sunday 12th May at 1pm. I am going on my bike because we might end up a far way down the path.

Lovely day today, and great to see the greenway being used by so many.



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5 Responses to The bench is back!!

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  2. Andy says:

    Cycled down to the new rubble path near the A45 and spoke to the owner of the old station who has been working on trying make the path passable there.

    I think he must have spent quite a lot on getting that much ballast in and I was impressed that he was trying to make the path passable at his own cost.

    If he makes it passable to the bridge there’s still a few patches further on that would need some hardcore to make the path passable. Does anyone know if the council of that area could spare a few hundred quid to finish off the guy’s good work?

  3. Paul says:

    I had a good old poke about yesterday and found the Victorian drainage ducts and a stream that all the water is supposed to drain away into. It seems as if the water is draining off the golf course.

  4. Andy says:

    Hi this is andy (owns the old dunchurch station). glad you guys like my efforts with the old track. Got so fed up of the boggy mess outside my back door! i’m hoping to carry the crushed stone on down to the railway bridge which should improve things no end! I’ll then hire in a roller and put some fine stone over the top . So hopefully within a month or so it should be transformed!

  5. Paul says:

    Andy, that is great news, hopefully we can solve the drainage issues by the golf course and get this bit of the path fully working. Thanks for your efforts.

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