Sunday Workday

A good workday on Sunday where we spent a bit of time working up the path towards Rugby. This was just cutting back brambles and keeping the path clear. We then worked down the path towards Potford Dam.

I wanted to have a good look over this area because we are going to have another attempt at trying to establish Kidney Vetch plants in an attempt to attract the Small Blue butterfly, an endangered species in Warwickshire.

Small Blue butterfly

Small Blue butterfly

We need to clear back the scrub again and then plant as much as we can. It might be a good idea to plant up over a few weekends so that whatever gets eaten by rabbits can be replaced. 

IMG_3571   IMG_3569

The good news is that the Small Blue has been spotted at Draycote which is less that 2 miles away to the south, and at Newbold, which is less than 2 miles to the north. So this is really one of the priority jobs over the winter. The other priority job is clearing the picnic clearing around the Cawston Bridleway bridge and down to the area that we cleared a couple of years ago and Mick made a living hedge. If we can just get brave with this and chop it all out. It is mostly new growth so should be easy to do. I know that this is very close to Mick’s heart so we really need to get it clear again. What I would like to do with this area is create a habitat that will attract the Grizzled Skipper butterfly. This is another endangered species so it will be fantastic to get this habitat established. We will need to plant Bird’s-foot Trefoil and Agrimony. There are sightings of this butterfly in the grassy area on the other side of the relief road so we should be able to make an impact.

The Small Blue Conservation Project that is down the path towards Draycote looks like this, so we need to try and copy it as much as we can.



I will take a trip to Bishops Itchington to check out the Bishops Bowl conservation area to see what else we might need to do, at some point in the next week or two. They have a well established colony there.

Next workday is SATURDAY 30TH AUGUST – 11am to 1pm. Working in the picnic clearing. I will bring the brush-cutter and we can have a bonfire and clear out anything that has gone over for the summer.

Hope to see you there!


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