Cutting Back Season is Almost Here

Good old workday today where we did a litter-pick from the underpass right down to the clearing past where the Cawston Bridleway bridge goes over the greenway.

Most of the litter was beer cans, crisp packets and bags full of dog poo. There are dog poo bins on route to the greenway so why people go to the effort of picking it up just to sling the bag into the undergrowth is beyond me? However, it is all litter free once again.

IMG_4144Unfortunately someone has decided to smash up our picnic bench. It might be repairable and I will take a closer look in the week. This is a shame because it has been with us for a number of years and been great for people who want to stop off and enjoy the tranquility of the greenway.


Moving on, the berries are almost over so we can start to really cut back the path and keep it wide and open. This makes it feel safer and allows more sunlight in, which will encourage wild flowers to grow. I also found an interesting toadstool which is something that I have not noticed before. The more diverse the greenway is, the more interesting it will be to walkers.

We have a six month window over autumn and winter to do all the work that we have planned. The big job is clearing the area from the picnic clearing, down to the birdbox clearing. If we clear the banks and lay a hedge on the tops of the banks then this will be perfect for wild flowers and butterflies next summer. We do need more volunteers though. At the moment we barely have enough to keep the brambles cut back.


IMG_4163 Aaron and myself cutting back and picking litter. We did well considering it was just the two of us.

Next workday is Sunday 28th September 4pm until 6pm  at the picnic clearing (where the Cawston Bridleway bridge crosses the greenway). Start to clear the banks and push down as far as we can.

See you there!


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1 Response to Cutting Back Season is Almost Here

  1. Paul says:

    I am not going to be able to make the 4pm start time. I will be there about 4:30’ish.

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