Great Way To Start The Week

What a wonderfully crisp and cold morning to be doing work on the greenway. We cleared some of the bank on the west side of the picnic clearing. Mainly just scrub, bramble and tree saplings coming up from the roots of previously removed trees. It is amazing how quickly we warmed up and started taking outer layers off.

It is important to keep these banks clear because the scrub blocks out sunlight and nothing will ever grow on them. We also raked the bank to disturb any wild flower seeds and hopefully kick-start a bit of germination.

I have purposefully kept the scrub and leaf mould in piles at the bottom of the bank. This will provide cover for insects and small mammals. Normally we would burn this but that can wait for another day, when we have more time.

Something that we have talked about in the past, but never really tackled, is clearing the raised ballast that runs next to the path. This, I assume, is the original trackbed from the railway. Why it got pushed to the side of the path is beyond me, but it is dry, slightly higher than the wet path and really well compacted. If we start at the area that we worked on today and simply push, up the line, towards Rugby. And we only need to do the bits where we are in cutting and it is wet. The bits on embankment tend to be pretty dry.

2015-02-02 09.35.51

From this picture you can just about see the raised bit on the left. If we have a crack at it next workday and just see how easily it clears.

Next workday is Monday 9th February starting at 9’ish and finish at 11am.

I will organise some weekend workdays very soon. Really good to see the greenway getting a lot of use and, thank-you Mick for helping today.

See you next week.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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