Litter Pick and Trim

Lovely morning on the greenway. We worked on the area where the gate looks over the countryside to the west, down to the picnic clearing.

IMG_5173Basically, all we can do in the bird nesting season is litter pick and keep the edges of the path trimmed back. This is a picture of Chris with the litter picker and a black bag full of pop bottles, beer cans and crisp packets.

Our picnic bench is back together, and just needs something to give it some rigidity. A cross brace would do the trick.

IMG_5167Glad to see some more wild flowers coming up. This is some sort of violet.


It will not be long until the greenway is awash with butterflies and bees. There are lots of nettles starting to come up on the banks. We will clear some of the nettles, to allow other plants to grow, but leave a lot so that Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Comma and Peacock butterflies and, Burnished Brass, The Spectacle and Beautiful Golden Y moths have plenty of food source.

All in all a very relaxed morning, warm when the sun was out, cooler when the clouds came over.


For me, is is just about keeping on top of the path as it really starts to green up and everything starts to grow like crazy. There is mixed opinion as to when the bird nesting season finishes but the RSPB suggests the end of August.

Next workday is Monday 20th April at 9am working from the gate, up the track towards The Bear pub.DSC02055Thanks for today.


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