Now that is a clearing!!

Lovely workday today with Aaron, John, Mick and myself getting stuck in. We cleared back the Picnic Clearing northwards until we were out of the cutting and on flat ground.


You can see how wide we have made the path. This will allow people to walk on higher ground ans let the muddy bit settle down a bit.


Looking south, down the path. The fire didn’t really get going today due to everything being so wet from the snow. We put the brash to the left of the path ready for burning off next week. The scrub on the right hand side creates a bit of a wind-break so we will probably keep this.


This is the bit before the clearing goes into cutting. We can trim back the left hand side so that there is plenty of width.

Last week Mike from Butterfly Conservation did some work on our other cutting.


This south-facing bank is going to be seeded with a wildflower mix that will attract butterflies and bees. This might look like total carnage at the moment, but it will be superb come summer.


This runs from where we were cutting it back in September, down to Berrybanks.


We can probably clear the rest of this cutting next season. For the rest on this season we are going to push on down towards the Bird-box Cutting. We have until the end of March until the bird nesting season starts and we have to stop cutting back. So ten more Monday workdays and two weekenders.

Thanks to all who made it today.



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