Bear Litter-Pick

Mick and me finally got down to the bridge that goes over the greenway by The Bear pub. We wandered up to Berrybanks and then back again, picking up as much of the litter that we could reach.

It was pretty nasty with a lot of broken beer bottle glass and dog poo bags down by The Bear. This is probably why we have been avoiding this area!


The big clear-up!!


About eight bin-bags of rubbish waiting for collection. With this area we need to cut back as much of the scrub as we can, either side of the bridge. This will really open the area up and the bridge will become a feature of the path. This is another job for the winter.

Berrybanks sow thistle has gone to seed so we will have to see where we are with this next year. There are loads of other plants so we might find something else becomes dominant.


Whilst the sow thistle is not very exciting to look at, it is an excellent nectar-source for pollinators, so I am really torn between letting nature just do her thing, or spending a load of man-hours trying to control it, when we could be doing more productive stuff.

We just need to keep the path clear of bramble and litter through to the end of August and, according to the RSPB, the bird-nesting season is over and we can start cutting back the areas that we have highlighted. We will have from September until the start of March to do our heavy work.

It is all pretty exciting at the moment, however, I have a major problem with my hours at work, childcare and finding time to be on the greenway. Monday term-time becomes an impossibility from early September so this messes up a lot of our workdays. What I am thinking is alternate Wednesday mornings and Saturday mornings. This gives people who are unable to join us on a weekday, the opportunity come down on a weekend and get involved.

Please let me know your thoughts on this…. I am between a rock and a hard-place..


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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