Berrybanks is done for now.

A great turn-out today with seven of us. Mick, Aaron, Tim, Sophia, Peter, Janet and me. Basically we just had a mad tidy-up of all the brash from previous workdays, when it was too wet, or time was short, for a really good bonfire.

We also cut a lot of stumps to ground-level.

Personally, I am pretty much done with this section for the time being. It just feels like it is sucking up so much of our time. We still need to remove a couple of stumps and sow our meadow-mix seeds, but for now I just want to move on for a bit.


Loads of brash to untangle and burn off. Not the best of jobs, but we got through it eventually.


Starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Please remind me never to let the brash build up so much.

We built a big south-facing log pile.


This will be a great habitat for sun-loving insects in the summer, and will be really damp on the other side and as it rots it will be valuable habitat for stag beetles, centipedes, woodlice and hedgehogs, and plants including species of moss, fungi and liverwort are just a small number of the animals and plants dependent in some way upon dead wood.


We are starting to get a fair bit of fungi growing in all the rotting wood. It is going to be difficult to work around these areas, but well worth keeping.

Good clear-up day today. Next workday is Wednesday down the line at the bird-box clearing. We just need to push down on the last bit of this clearing that is in cutting.

Workday dates for the month are on the blog’s main page. Our Potford’s Dam to Draycote workday is the second Sunday of November and we are allowed to work on this area, but we are not allowed to use power-tools yet. David, the Ecologist from Sustrans has given us the go-ahead.

Thanks to all who made it today. We really made a difference.


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1 Response to Berrybanks is done for now.

  1. tonyt says:

    Sounds good paul I will make sure rich myself and the boys get over to potsford as we mite have more luck than last time!!

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