Woodland Ride!!

Today we managed to do what I have been trying to achieve for the last seven years. We created a section that really felt like a woodland ride.

Great turn out with Mick, Wayne, Anna, Carrina, Howard, Arron and myself getting stuck in.


We cut all the overhanging branches back and made a real difference to the light hitting the ground. We have a lovely bank of scrub on the south-easterly facing side and lots of brash that will rot down and create habitat for wildlife, behind the line of trees.

I know that we have a potential conflict situation here. I personally would like the whole path to resemble a woodland ride, but I know other volunteers and users like the tunnel effect where the branches meet from each side. The compromise is that we all get a bit of what we like, and we end up with a diverse and varied habitat. My idea is that we work off glades and maybe have an open ride from one glade to the next, and then have the closed tunnel path to the next, and then back to open, etc, etc..

But anyway, conversations for 2017. Smashing turnout today for our last workday for 2016. Lovely beer called Winter Warmer in The Bear after. The dormouse is in fact called an arboreal species, because it prefers to use branches to cross the path rather than use the ground. A little bit different from my earlier suggestion that they were called marsupials.. lol.

I am sure we will have our license for Potford’s Dam to Draycote ready for the New Year. It will be all hands to the pump to get the section from the A45 to the golf club passable. After that we will have to adopt a pretty strict rotational cutting program. We simply will not have the time to get bogged down in sections.

Thank-you to everyone who has put in time, thought, effort and anything else this year. We are creating a valuable and safe path to Draycote Water Reserve, a lovely nature reserve, a great place to cycle, walk and run, a place to chill out and connect with nature, have a picnic and learn about butterflies and wildflowers.

Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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