Sustrans Joined Us Today.

It is always a real pleasure when anyone from Sustrans joins us. Today we had Martyn, the Land Manager for the area. The reason that it is such a pleasure is because we have the chance to showcase our lovely greenway, and also feel part of something bigger, which of course is the Sustrans cycle network. It is also really good to get snippets of info on other parts of the network that we are connected to, which is NCN 41.

John, Mick, Reece, Marcus, Linda and myself made it today. The plan was to do a bit of a litter-pick and investigate a few more of the native wildflowers. However, my phone battery failed pretty early on, so that kind of killed the wildflower bit. I was very disappointed and felt for Mick, who really wanted to get involved in this. I think it proved a bit unrealistic to try and do a litter-pick and also a wildflower survey. The two just seemed to conflict, so maybe we need to rethink and dedicate a workday to simply taking good photos of our wildflowers and working together to identify them.

I had to nip back and get some photos as I left home for work, so we are a bit compromised.

We did, thanks to John, spot an interesting fungus on the branches of a tree. Pretty rubbish photo but it was from the bridge and was 20 foot up in the air.


Don’t know if we will be able to get it recognised, but a great find.

The litter-pick was good and we pulled out a load of rubbish. Mostly aged bottles and cans of alcoholic drinks. It makes you wonder who and what went on when the railway first closed…


A quick shot up and down from The Bear bridge shows our greenway looking pretty good.

I will try and get some photos of the wildflowers that Mick pointed out, later in the week. I really want to keep this part of the blog active and live. Also look at the Bird Feeder Area tab. Totally excited about this.

Wednesday workdays for me are now not an option due to childcare, through May and June. I will try and organise a Sunday afternoon workday for most weeks through this period. If anyone wants to pick up the Wednesdays, please shout out.

Thanks all today and thanks Martyn for taking the time to meet us and get stuck in.


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