Hard Going at A45 and Beyond

It was a tough one today. Marcus, Steve, Tim and myself started to try and move the water that is under the A45 bridge. Not as easy as it seemed, but we found a pile of hardcore and built a higher path. We just need to see if it all dries out and firms up. If it does, we can continue to do this. Down the path, we probably need to make wider glades and allow the path to dry out. A job for autumn.


The picture is down the path just trying to open a channel to allow the standing water to run off into the watercourse to the right.


Here we are looking at a tree that is rotten to the core and creaking with every light gust of wind. IMG_8660

It probably needs to be felled before it falls.


This is the wet bit by the golf club. We have a nice dry path to the left that is on the higher ballast ridge. We just need to keep on pushing along this, in the autumn.


Sustrans are working with us on this section. Loads of users today, walkers, runners and cyclists, so we are doing a good job. This path was impenetrable last year.

Lastly, no fungi today, but loads of wildflowers that I will load onto the wildflower tab and iRecord, and a bit of lichen, which is a whole new avenue of discovery.



Next one is next Sunday in the picnic clearing pulling up nettles, so long sleeves a must!!

Thanks all today.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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