Went down there with a heavy heart, came away with my spirits lifted…

Went down there with a heavy heart, came away with my spirits lifted… Let me try and put into words and pictures, what I mean by this. Last time we were down by the A45 and beyond, our task was to try and shift the standing water. It was going nowhere, or so it seemed, and our work felt a bit fruitless. Today I went thinking it was going to be another worthless slog, and I had totally run out of ideas.

When I got down there I could see that the standing water had all but drained away!!

All of these areas where completely submerged last time we were working here. Now we have little streams that we can step over and the water drains into the watercourse on the westerly side of the path. Considering the rain over the last week, I am really happy with the state of the path. As we cut away more shade and widen the path, it will get drier and drier.

It was a slightly smaller group today, Paul, Tim, Howard and myself, but we worked hard shovelling ballast onto the path to raise it up, and gouging out the drainage channels with our mattocks, to let the last remaining water drain off.


So from what seemed like a workday with little hope, it turned into one of elation. Also great to see loads of cyclists and walkers using the path. We became a bit disjointed towards the end but I made it my mission to get to the end, where we join National Cycle Network 41 at Draycote, and cut back any bramble that is making a break for it across the path.

A few wildflowers and mini-beasts to go into the relevant sub-sections, and actually got a couple of pictures of bees. They are so hard to photo because they are so busy flitting about.

Thanks to all who made it today. Was a huge step forwards. As I have mentioned, I am now out of action until the 28th June, when we start making our picnic benches.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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1 Response to Went down there with a heavy heart, came away with my spirits lifted…

  1. Thanks to everyone for doing this. I’m rarely in Cawston at the weekend to help (sorry), but I will try this on my bike one evening. I used it about a year ago and it was fun, but tricky. Looking forward to having a clearer run this time.

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