A route from the Western Relief Road Cycle Path to the Greenway and to Leamington Spa or Draycote Water?

A late update from Wednesday’s workday, but here goes.

We needed easy access to the southerly part of the path so we could get the bench components on site. We found a gate to a field that runs between the greenway and the Western Relief Road cycle-path. The distance across the field is 0.01 miles, or sixteen meters!!

If this was the official access point from the Western Relief Road cycle-path to the greenway, then it is 0.17 miles too early, but the cost of a zig-zag ramp up the bank to join the two paths, where the WRR cycle-path ends, might make this a worthwhile compromise. A huge bugbear of mine that this was not thought through when the WRR cycle-path was built and will be a constant irritation, but if we can get the farmer to let us have a tiny strip of his land to create the link, then maybe it is worth a shot?

Anyhow, the workday. We put up another bench. We saw some lovely dragonflies that we were too slow to get a photo of, but we did get a few wildlife photos. I am a couple of weeks behind with iRecord so will try and catch everything up over the weekend.

Thanks, Reece and Marcus for joining me. We put the bench up in double quick time and did a bit of wildlife spotting afterwards.

Next week we are putting a bench in where we had the Cemex workday. The same access point and we will be joined by Dan and Sim from Sustrans and the Greener Greenways Project.

I have applied for funding to buy a petrol hedge-trimmer to push back the taller scrub and just let the path widen and dry out beyond Potford Dam. We are getting a lot of people using the path so it makes sense to get all as dry and open as possible.

Thanks, Marcus and Reece for the work you put in. I must remember to actually go down the greenway and just enjoy a family picnic or walk, one day….




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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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6 Responses to A route from the Western Relief Road Cycle Path to the Greenway and to Leamington Spa or Draycote Water?

  1. steve says:

    Hi, I have been down the greenway a couple of times this summer. The first time back in about five years. The work you have all done is very impressive!
    I wonder if you have plans to make official access with the Bridleway that runs West to East just North of the A45 and links to the Sustrans route at Windmill lane? It would be very useful for both longer and shorter routing options for both walkers and riders.

    • Paul says:

      I will have a look at it when I am next down there. There is a Right of Way just south of the A45 that runs across the golf club, through Thurlaston and connects with Halfway Lane, giving access to either Draycote or Dunchurch. It is called R175a

      • Paul says:

        We had a good look at this on Sunday and felt that we will struggle to get up the bank. We could build a style over the fence at the top and cut away the barbed wire, but it is just getting up the slope. We agreed to revisit in the autumn when all the growth had died back.

      • Steve says:

        Well done for all the good work!

  2. Ross McLean says:

    Hi Paul,
    I have just received a long reach Husqvarna battery hedge trimmer from Warwickshire County Parks. You are more than welcome to borrow it (after i give you some training) if you don`t have any success with your funding.


    Kenilworth Sustrans and WC Parks Volunteer Ranger

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