Let There Be Light…

Let There Be Light was the phrase uttered by Steve when we removed a group of young trees. Indeed, there was light in abundance.

A good workday with Steve, Aaron and myself making the late start. The plan was to make gullies on the path to help drain it off, but I didn’t really fancy heavy work, so I changed it to clearing around the areas that were submerged a few months ago. Amazingly, these were pretty dry. So we decided to remove the trees that are invading the space of the mature standard trees.

You can see the difference from the first picture to the last. The reasons for cutting back the young trees is three-fold though. Firstly to let light in to dry out the path, secondly to stop them getting entwined with the branches of the mature trees and cause damage as they rub together, and lastly to encourage flora and fauna that needs the sunshine to thrive.

Some great fungi finds.

Great start to the cutting back season. If we just continue in this way along the bit next to the golf course we can get rid of all the young trees and let the mature standards really flourish. We have a bit of work to do on the Cawston bit for a few weeks before we return to this bit on Sunday 24th to carry on clearing the ash trees.

In terms of users, five groups came past in the two hours that we were down there. A family with a spaniel, three single mountain bikers and a group of mountain bikers.

Really enjoyable day today.



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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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