Hedge Laying with Storm Gareth

The problem with Google is that there are plenty of examples of how to make a hedge or even regain control of an overgrown hedge, but when it comes to turning an unruly line of trees into a hedge, it is not quite as forthcoming.

So Marcus, Martin and myself persevered with what felt right.

We collected a load of whips from bench-clearing #2…


Spaced them out at bench-clearing #3…


And then planted them…

Apart from forgetting to talk on the video, I think we did OK.

We can encourage the whips to grow into the hedge and kind of see how it shapes up over the spring and summer.


I still feel that a lot more of the trees need to be cut back (don’t worry, tree huggers, they will become part of the hedge) but I think that is a job for the autumn.

Views are good from our bench.



After this, we worked on the scrub in bench-clearing #2.



Next week we are seeding this area with lady’s bedstraw and hedge bedstraw. The whole area should be full of yellow flowers in the summer and literally buzzing with insects and other wildlife.

Personally, I would like a couple of seeded scallops between bench #1 and bench #2 just to encourage as much wildflower growth as possible, and if it is manageable, we can do the same between the rest of the benches.

Great day, great company, great work.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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