Spring/Summer 2019


You may have noticed our menu bar above has become a bit more relevant. One of the new tabs is “donations” and our crowdfunding page for ongoing bits and bobs now works. If you like the greenway and have a spare couple of quid, feel free to throw it our way. It helps us to keep the show on the road. Thanks.

Photos and iRecord

This summer I really want us to get down and dirty with the wildflowers and wildlife. Mick’s suggestion is to split the workdays into two, where we spend the first section doing the task in hand, break for coffee, and then spend the second section photographing and identifying what we spot (Mick recommends a brilliant book for this). Rather than trying to create another database or list of pictures, which becomes a pain to maintain after set-up, we can just upload directly to iRecord. Tab to access is above.

Shorter Hours

I have pushed the start time by half an hour whilst we are on summer hours. We no longer need to be doing the heavy work that the cutting season requires, so now we have a more chilled out workday, with coffee and biscuits, across the summer season. How does that sound?

Things To Make

Anyone who is unable to come down to the workdays, or can, but also has the time and the ability to make stuff, can make bee hotels for us. This is our most needed item at the moment. Oh to have the skill and patience to be crafty!

Bird Food and Storage

We would love to extend our range of food offering to attract different birds,  but the problems are, squirrels eating it, humping bags of seeds and nuts up and down to the bird-feeding area, continual damage to the feeders, the rate that the food is eaten and, of course, the cost. If we can devise a way of storing food on-site that is critter-resistant, this at least helps us get around a few of these issues. Thinking caps on!

Observation Bench

We are now the proud owners of an observation bench, thank-you to a very generous resident of Cawston. Anyone can use this bench to observe our bird-feeders from the distance of the opposite bank. We are trying to create a natural hide so binoculars or a camera with a long lens will be required if recording. Remember to update iRecord.

Mental Health 

This is all about the part of us trying to open up the path so that it offers something to everyone. The underlying reason is that it hopefully enables people to get involved on one level or another and opens up the opportunity to meet other people, find a common interest, and hopefully, friendships are then formed. There is probably still a load of work to do in this area. However, the menu tab has been updated but we could maybe do with little bit of help or direction with this.

About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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