Loads Going On…

Loads going on… Where to start…

David from Sustrans had been in touch – he recommends a new phone app called Seek which helps to recognise wildflowers and wildlife. I used it today and got a Greater Plantain ID. It is down there in the blog… It is fantastic!!

Martyn from Sustrans is organising us signage that will explain the history of the path and what we are doing.

We have CAWSTON GREENWAY workwear tops on the way – this is massively important for people who want to feel part of something. Admirals and Cawston Councillors have earned a place on our SPONSORS page!! Thank-you so much.

Loads more bubbling away… WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Today was rushed, again by me. I am having to pack in too much stuff before the workday and I need to change something. I don’t even have time to put up our basecamp tarp at the moment.

Sharon, Marcus and Aaron got on with snipping back the path from the Drummond Road entrance to the bird-feeder clearing. Loads of fresh bramble trying to grow across the path.

I filled the bird-feeders with Harty’s spicy fat-ball mix. No time to sit and wait for the squirrels though!!

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A decent coffee and cookie break once I had caught up with myself.

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And this is what it’s all about, keeping the path clear and finding the time to chat and connect and stuff.


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I will probably have to keep muddling through until I move house. After that, I will start to get a bit more with it.

Please bear with me!!


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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