Well that is it for 2019

Reece, Aaron and myself did the last workday of the year.

Just a little bit of reflection – I have made some mistakes (steps) which probably were just bad timing, and done some great stuff, like setting up a group for disadvantaged young adults to build benches, a group to create wildflower mini-meadows in community areas for people who are feeling a bit isolated, and developed another greenway that runs from Dunchurch to the Cawston Greenway.

It is all about getting out and encouraging others who may be feeling lonely or isolated, to get out with us and develop new skills and build confidence.

But the main thing is our wonderful Cawston Greenway, that offers so many things to so many people. It really is more than just a path.

Today, we developed another scallop in our bird-feeder clearing. We are now able to switch from side-to-side so we still have banks of scrub. This is excellent cover for birds and mammals.

More wildflowers mean more insects and spiders, which means more birds and small mammals, which means some predatory birds and bigger mammals.

It all adds to the experience and there are plenty of benches to sit at and enjoy it all.

We topped up the bird-feeders and put some food on the floor to keep the ground-feeding birds happy.

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The new scallop before and after, along with the previous scallop on the other side.

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A few railway bits for the railway buffs…


Our coffee and cookie break…


And a quick look, up and down, shows how great it is…

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All-in-all, a great year! We have made some blunders, but wow!! What if we dithered and procrastinated so much. We would never have done what we have done.

It is great to be part of a grass-roots movement to help people. There are loads of us about. Creating football teams, or hockey teams, or theatre. It just takes groups like what we are to give others the opportunity to shine.

Merry Christmas all!!


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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