New Bench

It seems like an age just talking about it, but this week Marcus, Reece and myself finally got a new bench in.

A little bit of background – benches placed between this area and Berrybanks have suffered from vandalism, theft and fire. We had to get a bench that was robust, unmoveable and not the sort of size that would encourage groups of people to hang around it.


I think this does the job perfectly and offers people a place to sit and simply enjoy the surroundings.

Great care was taken to get it level.

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And whilst we could not sit on it whilst the cement was hardening, we did make use of it for our coffee and biscuits.


We have another similar bench to put in near the underpass and if they work out, we can order some more and have them at Berrybanks. I will probably look at doubling them up so people are not forced to sit too close to each other!

There are plenty of people using the path, even if it is incredibly wet and, plenty of people stopping to chat and thank us for our hard work.

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Photos from the top of the bridge up and down, and then the same shot but from the ground.

Great to see the house-builders have made the Cawston Bridleway a decent path, but what a shame that they stopped where they did…?

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It would have been so good if it connected to the Western Relief Road footbridge.

Next week is our weekender – Saturday morning litter-pick and trim back, from the underpass working north.


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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