We Are Back (sort of)

Sustrans have given us the green light to work on the disused railway, but not as a group (unless from the same household) and only to do very light work. A great step forwards.

I started at Potford Dam and have been slowly making my way up the path snipping back brambles. I have got to Berrybanks so far.

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There is plenty of evidence where others have been lightly cutting back, or picking up litter, so well done everyone.

The greenway is getting a huge amount of use over this last few months and this is keeping it pretty open and wide. Plenty of people thanking us as a team for creating it, too.

I have tried to capture the amazingness of the path with a couple of video-clips.

It is just another level of interest that might engage people. I will get a handlebar camera for my bike and see what fun I can have with that.


Those who know me, will know that I am near-obsessive that a path must lead somewhere, and not just peter out in the middle of nowhere.

With this in mind, I have hooked up to the Dunchurch Bridleway that connects with National Cycle Network 41 and takes the route onwards towards Leamington Spa, or cuts back into Dunchurch with plenty of Rights of Way paths to get back to Cawston.

dunchurch bridleway2

I snipped back bramble runners on the Dunchurch Bridleway bit so it is all good to go.

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Great to be back out there and really looking forward to when we are allowed to become a working group again.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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