Who Needs The Gym…!

So today was the day that we have all put off for so long.

It was dragging the heavy round bench from the bottom of a stream to the highest bit of embankment.

OMG!! If ever we had a reason to just leave it, it was now. Tough work that needed a coffee and cookie break straight after to rebuild energy.

But the view from here is outstanding…

And the wildflowers create a lot of interest in the near distance, so we raked off the old stuff and made it ready for next year.

We will probably just throw a load more wildflower seeds down and rake them in, but essentially, it should start to self-seed by now. The more we rake it and trample it, the more it feels like sheep grazing it, so wildflowers should just spring up.

We did the same with the bird-feeder clearing and are all set now for creating as many little wildflower nooks and crannies along the way in the new year.

Something else that we chatted about was having a section where we clear out all the straggly young trees and scrub, and just encourage the growth of individual trees and allow them to mature. I will speak to Sustrans and do some googling to see how this might look like.

Anyway, Lockdown Two has happened. We will no-doubt have to break into groups of two for the next four weeks.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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2 Responses to Who Needs The Gym…!

  1. Dan Sustrans says:

    Hey Paul,

    The Greenway is looking ace ☺ Enjoying the updates, keep them coming.

    All the best,

    Dan Robertson
    Delivery Coordinator | Network Development | Sustrans Scotland

    Normal working days Monday to Thursday

    9 Haymarket Terrace | Edinburgh | EH12 5EZ
    07785 27 37 40


  2. Paul says:

    Thanks, Dan. Your input is always welcome.

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