This is where the magic is made

Normally muggins here is too quick to get going so forgets to take before and after photos. Today I remembered.

This is our biggest wildflower clearing and we need to get rid of all the plants now that the seeds have dropped. The cuttings need to be removed from the area because wildflowers do not thrive well in soil full of nutrients, however, nettles, docs and all the thuggish stuff does.

We managed to clear the south side. Next week we will clear the north side.

The clearing will be twice the size of what we see today. We have our large round picnic bench in the centre and our bird feeders. It’s a good place to be and because it is in a cutting it is pretty much protected from wind and noise.

We will put some more seed mix down on any bare earth just to keep adding to the diversity.

So to recap – we have a statement wildflower clearing on the north side of the underpass, an absolute suntrap and we will put benches in before summer next year. This one, which is the birdfeeder clearing, and Potford Dam which is on embankment so gets good views across the heath and is next on our hit-list to triple in size.

North side of the birdfeeder clearing

All this will be gone next week.

Remember – if you want to join in you are more than welcome. If you just want to pop down and chat about what we are doing, or how you are feeling, or just want to share a coffee and cookie (normally about 11 o’clock), just do it. You can even bring us cookies, biscuits or cakes if you are feeling super generous.

And if you like what we do and enjoy the greenway you can click on the Patron link and help to keep the show on the road. Any amount helps – £2 a month, the cost of a cuppa, anything will be appreciated and gives us a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that we are adding value.


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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2 Responses to This is where the magic is made

  1. jenny66288 says:

    Fantastic work! I’d love to pop down.


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