How wide?

So how wide should the path be? Someone from Sustrans suggested three metres. Cannot remember who it was, and it was a long time ago. I probably have the email somewhere. So why three metres –

1, If people cannot see a good distance ahead they will feel anxious as they walk or cycle.

2, The path gets very puddled in the winter and pushing the edges out gives way to slightly higher ground.

3, Removing the scrubby bramble allows less invasive wildflowers to germinate.

4, It allows walkers and cyclists to share the path without having to fight for the same bit of ground.

We are using the line of trees as a guide to the edge and clearing just behind them, so each tree is free from scrub. I like it and it creates a nice avenue feeling.

Thank you to all of our Patrons. It gives us a warm tingly feeling when people show their appreciation. You know who you are. Just £2, £3 or £5 helps to keep the show on the road. The crowdfunding tab is open again if you would rather help us with a one-off payment rather than a monthly amount. Just click the link above.

Mental Health – Hand-on-heart I can say that the path has saved me from being in a mentally catastrophic place. Whenever I feel low, I walk or mountain-bike the greenway and feel in such a mentally better place. With Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and facebook showing everyone having what looks like a great time, it can be hard on some of us. If you need, come along to a workday, or just pop along for a chat and a coffee (11am). There is always spare coffee and cookies going. You don’t have to do any work and you don’t even have to strike up any conversation because us lot are talking ten-to-the-dozen anyway. The offer is always there, but especially so in December.

I have finally got over my clipart fears and made a map for the Dino Trail. The Geocache labels have also arrived so will get that done this week hopefully. It just gives everyone stuff to do in the holidays.

Click on the Dino Trail tab above and save the map to your PC and print it. It fits a sheet of A4 paper perfectly.

As far as I can tell the R168 Right of Way paths that lead to the Dunchurch Nature Trail (another one of my projects) will survive the mass development that is going to happen. The Dunchurch Nature Trail leads to the National Cycle Network 41, so we are actually connected to the mothership. Nice warm fuzzy feeling knowing that we are not just some random slither of redundant railway path.

Well, that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading and enjoy the path…


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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