What’s in it for you?

Where does your money go if you become a Patron…

£1 a month is a 20% share in a bird nesting box.

£2 a month is a 25% share of a 4kg bag of peanuts for the birds.

£3 a month is a 60% share of a tub of fat balls.

£5 a month goes towards our Public Liability Insurance (£15/month) or an 8% share of specialist wildflower seed or a whole tub of wood-stain for the benches.

There are loads of other stuff that we want to do to make the green space as colourful and usable to as many people as possible. You are not supporting us, we will be here regardless. You are supporting your green space.

This week we litter picked from the snowdrop bench heading south, and snipped back anything trying to grow into the path.

Light duties for me for a bit due to badly hurting my shoulder (Doctor on Monday). I can just about manage a litter picker!!

The geocaching.com trail has gone absolutely mad with way over 700 finds since the end of Jan this year. Give it a go – it’s totally addictive and free!!

The wildflower spotting is gaining momentum and our database of what has been spotted is filling up. I am also starting to record trees (if you spot any errors, tell us. We will not hold it against you).

That’s it for this week. Come and find us if you want to join in. All you need is biscuits and we will love you forever. You can jump right in, or work on the edges of the group if you need a little time to get to know us. Either way, we just have a laugh and a giggle. The offer is always there.

Until next week!


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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