This Makes It All Worth While…

Nearly every nesting box has chicks!!

So we learnt that when people walk down the path the birds do not advertise their nests. I honestly thought that they had all been abandoned and that maybe the path was just too busy. But no, the birds give that impression to not draw attention, and now it is a blooming raucous down there!! So happy!!

This week we did a bit of picnic bench maintenance. Sadly someone felt it was a good idea to throw the rectangular benches down the embankment.

Now bear with me here – there are four bits to Cawston – the shops, the parks, peoples’ houses, and the greenway.

For a long time there has been unsociable behaviour around the first three bits, so we created areas on the greenway for ‘youth’ to go, sit, drink beer, do their thing and not impact everyone else. It works up to the point when someone starts messing with the benches.

Keep messing with the benches and there will be nowhere for the ‘youth’ to go except back to the shops, the parks, and the streets.

It’s really not that hard to work out.

Anyway, I will get off my soapbox…

At the risk, now, of upsetting the consensus feeling in our group that a bench was written off, I went back today and rebuilt it. Tough one with my gammy shoulder!!

The bench gets to live another day, and has more steel in it than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator!! The ‘youth’ now have their bit back that is away from the shops, the parks, and peoples’ houses, and hopefully, some sort of peaceful normality can resume.

If anyone gets wind of who is messing with the benches – please just have a word… Everything on the greenway is kinda done for a purpose and for the greater good…

Loads of other stuff, Dino Trail revamp (really cool), Greenspace = Headspace. Victoria has got a plan for the underpass (amazing!!). Litter picks. Flora and fauna spotting. I have discovered a huge pond that we can work into the path and have picnic benches around. Geocaching is 800+ finds, but I am still a bit (a lot) triggered at the moment so will roll it over into next week.

Lastly, whilst having our cuppa and cake we realised that we were being watched…

Usual stuff to end – Patron us with a couple of quid a month, join us to help, or just bring biscuits and share a coffee. It is all about us reaching out and welcoming you into the group in whatever capacity we can. Honestly, we are just a bunch of folk just rubbing along and having a laugh…


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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