What a Crazy Few Months!!

You would think that with 13 years of doing this, we would sort of know what we are doing… But we are forever getting curveballs thrown at us and the ‘plan’ has to be totally fluid to cope with all the things out of our control.

It’s been a challenging and sometimes emotionally frustrating few months, but we seem to have come out of the other end if it.

It’s nice to see our wildflower meadow at Potford Dam has matured from an annual cornfield meadow, into a perennial meadow. It is so much better for the wildlife and it is now able to look after itself.

We continued to make ‘windows’ along the green corridor. Massively important to get dappled sunlight onto the path to encourage wildflowers and wildlife, and I want a piece of that wildflower meadow out there!!!

It also makes the path feel less hemmed-in and less claustrophobic.

Kyle joined us to get a few more DofE volunteer hours under his belt and we all enjoyed a coffee and cookie half way through the morning.

Hopefully we will be putting our new benches in next week or the week after. It’s gonna be a good one!!

Flora and fauna spotted this week…

Feel free to join us in any capacity. Bring biscuits and we will love you forever… If you can afford a couple of quid a month, bung it our way via the Patron link above. But seriously, I know it is extremely hard to put a happy face on and be all outgoing when life is getting tough for so many people. We are always here, laughing at each other and just rubbing along doing our thing. The offer to join us is always there.

Until next week!


About Paul

Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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2 Responses to What a Crazy Few Months!!

  1. quinn73 says:

    Will this section be linked up to the work and new pathway being done further down the Lias Line at Marton, Hunningham and Long Itchington?

    • Paul says:

      The plan is that the path will run to Potford Dam and drop down onto the Western Relief Road cycle path. There will be the option to carry on along the bit that we do and join the relief road further north.

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