Bird Feeder Area

Really quite excited about creating this bit. In my mind’s eye I can see a picnic bench in a clearing, with scrub and mature trees to the edges. We probably need to find a wide bit so that we can maximise the number of bird-feeders and bird-tables. Some will be hidden away for shy and reclusive birds, whilst others will be on the open ground for the braver ones.

I want people to be able to sit at the picnic bench and just simply enjoy watching the birds flitting in and out.

How incredibly peaceful and good for the soul will this spot be? And for people who want to take their interest a little further, they can identify the different birds or photograph them whist they feed. Imagine meeting people with a like-minded interest and chatting about what you are seeing.

It is all about connecting with the nature that is on our doorstep and using it to forge friendships and stuff.

Work will start in this area in May. If you want to get involved from the start, just pop along to one of our workdays, or message me on facebook if you are a bit daunted by the thought of just turning up to a workday.