Jobs List

List of jobs for 2019:

Scallop 1/3 of scrub between underpass and Berrybanks (5 26mtr lengths)

Plant snowdrop and bluebell bulbs in new clearings (Autumn)

Populate new menus on blog and make them work (carry forward header) 

Seed bench areas

Cut stumps at Underpass

Ladder landers for bat boxes too short?

Observation bench at bird-feeder clearing

Collect wildflower seeds at end of summer for sowing in new areas

Link Instagram page for photos

Link funding page for donations

Position benches beyond Potsford Dam

Develop reedbed at bench#4

Make picnic circle at Berrybanks with logs, repeat where bridleway crosses (cannot have picnic benches due to theft/vandalism)

Clear path off greenway just before Dunchurch station, to connect with NCN41 Windmill Lane

Clear ivy by Drummond Road entrance

Rework map on blog

Is iRecord link working properly and can others update it?

Monitor hedge at bench#3 and encourage horizontal growth