Next workday Sunday 31st October 2pm to 4pm

I would like to clear the area around the Victorian footbridge which is Cawston Bridleway and, as a matter of interest, leads up towards Lawford Heath. A great circular walk of about 3 miles that incorporates part of Cawston Greenway and starts and finishes at The Bear, so refreshments available upon completion. We started to clear it on the last workday, but due to the size of it, it will need quite a few people. Sustrans suggested that we cut steps up to the Cawston Bridleway and use some of the logs that we cut down as soil retainers for each step, using pegs to hold them in place. An interesting project for someone who enjoys maths and engineering, or maybe Cawston Grange school would like to take this on?

clearing around the bridge to make a feature of it - plenty to do but nice to see more sunlight getting through.

It would be great if we could make this the biggest clearing and eventually get a couple of pub style picnic tables put in, to encourage people to stop and take in the nature and also learn about what we are doing on the greenway. Maybe an information board with a map showing the greenway, the bridleway and the WRR cyclepath and how all three interconnect and maybe the wider picture of how we connect to NCN Route 41??

Remember that we do have a facebook page at  however the best way to keep up to date with workdays and the like is to subscribe to this blog. You will then get a polite reminder by email that the blog has been updated. I am going to email the distribution list twice this time around from two different email addresses, so if you get two emails you will know that your email is OK, if you get one or none, you need to tell your email to accept emails from Also if you don’t want to get emails, just let me know and I will remove you from the distribution list.

With regards to power tools, our insurance does not cover power saws, domestic chainsaws or alligator cutters. I have been advised by the insurance company that if people wish to use these tools they do so at their own risk and advise that non-users stay a safe distance away but not so far as to leave anyone lone-working. I hope that is crystal clear.

We should all be really pleased with what we have done so far. It is really starting to take shape and we have all stepped up and taken on board the learning points that Mike and Shirley have been so kind to share with us.

Look forward to seeing you on the day!


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Just trying to create a slice of wildlife and a place for people to chill out and meet new friends in this crazy world that we live in.
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